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Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Week!

Shroom Time!

I love charts.

Don't mess with gills!

Wowzes! Between hunting, visiting a truly incredible farm, and moving's been busy. It doesn't seem right to be writing my last entry from a plush chair, fully air conditioned cozy house, but that's how this is going down. It's been quite an adventure, I hope you've had fun as well :)

Hold up, did you say hunting? Yeppers, shot me some good 'uns...on the camera. We went mushroom hunting with Ricky (Native American/Naturalist at Burge) on Monday and had a big time. He brought his mushroom recognition book and Erica and I would take turns looking those little guys up. Apparently, mushrooms are mysterious dudes; they can pop up one day be gone the next and show up across the field. On top of that they are super hard to recognize, which can be a problem if you want to go around eating wild mushrooms, which I don't recommend.
You can make them turn blue with your finger, Smurferrific!

Old Man Mushroom, the only one we knew 100% what it was

I'm not edible, if you couldn't already tell by the way I look
We see you little mushrooms!

  The next awesome thing that happened was I visited my lovely friend Erin at Love is Love Farm. We chatted it up while she took me on a tour of the farm. They have a CSA of 115 and farm on 2 acres. Joe Reynolds is the main farmer and a really awesome, nice guy. He worked/interned under Nicolas at Crystal Organic Farm.

We harvested noodle beans, peppers (there were even purple ones!), and green beans. There were other volunteers and a part-timer so it made harvesting a lot of fun. It was Joe's B-Day so Erin made a special lunch.

some girl, Erin, Joe, some guy

So there were lots of good times this last week. Reflection time has come now that my internship at Burge has come to an end. I think I'll miss writing the most, (but definitely not uploading the pics on here...takes...forever). Allergies+Outdoors=Bad. I learned so much about farming and I can't wait to see what my next opportunity will be. I've met some pretty amazing people who I will miss very much but feel lucky to know. Got a great tank top farmer tan, which I'm taking with me. And more than anything I feel happy, happy for the experience and very happy to be moving on to my next adventure. Cheers!

Okay, it might not have anything to do with anything but isn't it pretty!

Oh, and of course I'll miss you guys too ;)

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  1. I will miss your eclectic array of posts! From mushrooms to explosives, it does seem like it was quite the adventure! :)